• Recently, some enclosure manufacturers have offered their customers a solution to modify their enclosures.
    This solution is a complex piece of machinery, a cnc work station, that allows to drill holes on standard enclosures kept in stock.
    We decided to look at the pros and cons of BOXCAD to the option favored by our competitors, here are the results.
      • EXM' Competitors
      • ROUTER
      • Immediate Delivery
      • Limited to Standard Sizes
      • Stock Color Only
      • Qualified Personnel
        to Run the Machine
      • High Capital Expense
      • Space Occupied
      • Cost of Consumables
      • Risk of Mistakes
      • Limited Output
      • EXM's
      • BOXCAD
      •             Produced in 4-6 business days
      • Any Size Available
      • Any Colors
      • No Extra Personnel
      • No Capital Investment
      • Requires No Space
      • No Consumables
      • Any QTY at Fast Pace